We were on our way out from Zone 3 of RTR as the afternoon Safari had almost left us drained. Near Padam Talab on the road going towards gate, we saw two vehicles stopped as blocking the way. They gestured to us that tigress was sitting on the path. We advised them to click some pics and bring back their vehicles and allow her to walk towards Padam Talab as it will give is great view.

As they backed up their vehicles the beautiful young tigress walked slowly towards the picturesque lake and passed the sparse bushes to the other side of the lake. We started out vehicle and went towards the other side of the lake to try for some good pictures of her with the fort in background. But as we reached the other side, the tigress was nowhere to be seen. We started our journey back to the exit though there was a full hour before the closing time, when we heard a commotion from the Padam Talab and as we reached there, we were greeted with this scene.
The lovely and beautiful tigress Arrow-head, who had reportedly been trying for a hunt for last couple days, finally had this kill of a Cheetal (Spotted deer). As we reached the spot, the deer was still alive and kicking its legs (dust near her legs is evidence of it).
It was a thrilling experience.
Arrowhead with the Spotted deer kill.
Nikon D-5 | 300 mm | f/4 | 1/500 seconds | ISO 500