I Love you mom!!

This cute and beautiful cub was conveying his endless love and affection for his mother.

On the fateful day, when we reached this waterhole, T-60 tigress was in the water and we knew that its three cubs would be close by. We prayed for all the three cubs to come in water as till that time, nobody had photographed or viewed the three cubs together or with their mother tigress.
Two cubs slowly and cautiously came to water and started enjoying it in the smoldering heat of the desert afternoon. Third cub was very shy and remained hiding in the bushed for quite some time although two of its siblings were enjoying water with their mother, It finally decided to tread very cautiously towards water and all the while sneering and growling at us. Finally it tentatively stepped in water.
Now we could have all the three cubs with T-60 in the same frame. I picked my camera with smaller lens and clicked the moments of fun they were having in water and their show of love and bonding.

Nikon | 70 mm | f/7.1 | ISO 640 | 1/640 seconds.