Leaping Otter

This was one of the pair of otters which we saw an early morning catching fish in Ram Ganga River at Jim Corbett National Park. The two of them were simply enjoying fishing under a very cloudy sky with very dull light. While swimming on slightly deeper water.

I was looking through the view finder of my camera and following its actions. It perhaps saw a fish and immediately, instinctively leapt in the water to catch it. I clicked this picture at that time.

This smooth coated river otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) is a species of otter, the only extant representative of the genus Lutrogale. The species is found in most of the Indian Subcontinent. Smooth-coated otters are relatively large for otters, from 7 to 11 kg (15 to 24 lb) in weight and 59 to 64 cm (23 to 25 in) in head-body length, with a tail 37 to 43 cm (15 to 17 in) long. They may be distinguished from other species of otters by a more rounded head and a hairless nose in the shape of a distorted diamond. The tail is flattened, in contrast to the more rounded tails of other species. The legs are short and strong, with large webbed feet bearing strong claws.