Play Time

Play Time!

On a warm morning in April 2015, we entered through Ganesh Pol at RTR to go to Zone 3.

I was with Sh. Sunil Sharma, Umesh Agarwal, Thomas Vijayan, Rajan Vijayan, Daksh Sharma, Raminder SIngh and Yogesh Gupta.We slowly drove through charbagh, and surrounding areas but could not see any striped big cat.
When we reached near platform, we saw a huge number of Gypsy vehicles parked and waiting for any activity. We consulted about whet to do, then Mr. Umesh Agarwal suggested that we remain close to the grass on the left corner of lake as that was the most probable place where the Family of T-19, could be resting. So we decided to follow his advise. His keen observation skill were once again displayed as after some time he whispered that he could see the movement of Tigers a little deep in the grass. We all sat straight and tried to find out the place of movement but could not see anything. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the big striped cats walked out gracefully to the edge of grass and sat down there. They were very relaxed and in good mood. We all started clicking gleefully. The family of four took some rest and moved around a little just having a good time in the grass.
Then they started moving away in the deep grass. Umesh immediately signaled us to move from this place to the far end of the lake which was exactly opposite to the spot to where the tigers were moving, but it was a good 500 meters away. We reached there and I was a little disheartened as the sun was almost directly in our front and we could barely see anything. After a few seconds when our eyes adjusted to the glare, I saw small movements in the grass on far end. Krishna (T-19) walked slowly but gracefully and came to sit just opposite. Though it was a huge distance, but I decided to engage the 1.3x crop factor on my DX camera which would give me almost the double focal length on 400 mm. As i peeked through the view finder to click Krishna, I saw a movement to the left of my view finder. As I moved the camera a little, I saw two of the cubs, playfully tussling and I clicked this picture.

Two cubs of T-19 aka Krishna, enjoy on an early April morning by trying out who is more agile and stronger. Showing a picture of playfulness and beauty.

RTR | April 2015 | Mid morning

Nikon Gear | Resultant Focal Length 800 mm | f/4 | ISO 250 | 1/1250 seconds