Jack n Jill went up the stick...

When Me and Vishal were walking on the dirt track in Surajpur Wetlands, this beautiful Blister beetles drew my attention. There were quite a few who were flying around and mostly feeding on vegetation. I realized that even Vishal was interested in these and thus decided to stop and take few pictures of this. 
This picture was clicked at ISO 125, f/16 and thus the shutter speed was relatively slowat 1/50 second. The breeze was moving the tall grass stalks and making this picture was a bit difficult. I wanted a smaller aperture to capture slight drama in the back ground which would have completely got vanished on a wider aperture (which would have allowed me a more decent shutter speed).
Clicked with Nikon D-7100 and Nikon Nikkor AF-S 200-400 mm f/4 ED-G VR-II lens with 1.7x Nikon tele-converter at 550 mm with translates to about 825 mm on my DX camera.