The colours of life

I sell colours and happiness
for your kids and your family ...
Even though – I am not sure
how these colours brighten
the smiles of those kids
and how your shiny
bright houses look with these
But you love that smile
on the face of your girl
when she holds this toy
which I sell
and the delight
that sparkle in her eye
and you just make sure
that her smile never vanishes
and the sparkle brightens
with every new day
when I try to offer you
this toy with colours and smiles
you treat me as a beggar
and chase me away
that look of hatred
in your eyes and
the lips curved in despise.

Have you ever thought
for a second
what I earn, in return of
your kids’ smile & sparkling eyes
is some bread for my boy
and renewed lease of life,
some breadths, some heartbeats
for one more day
just one day at a time
and I will fight tomorrow again
for one more day of food
by selling colours and smiles
in the dull and grey circle of life
but its me... just me

~Neeraj Garg
03rd Dec, 2014