Born in 1968 in north India, Neeraj Garg is a wildlife photographer, naturalist, environmentalist and explorer with special interest for environment, ecology and wildlife of India.


 By profession he has been a Tax man for about two and half decades working for the Government of India, but at heart he has always been a photographer and clicking pictures for about three decades. He learnt & started Photography on his father’s Kodak Brownie Box Camera way back in the seventies. He has been using the film cameras & DSLRs up to 2005. In 2005, he ventured into digital arena.


He has clicked hundreds of thousands of photographs. His photographs are loved by thousands and followed closely by his followers. He is also into Macro, Street and Landscape photography. He mentors photo tours, photo and wildlife awareness workshops. 


His endeavour has always been to excel in whatever he does, be it his job as a taxman or his passion for photography, wildlife, environment conservation, ecology or his love for writing poetry. 


 (Photo Cortesy: Vishal Verma)